Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Nick in a nutshell

I'm not very keen on memes, but I rather like this one that's going the rounds at the moment. So here goes:

I am: a non-conformist, job-free, romantic, vegetarian, androgynous socialist.

I want: only a comfortable and mentally stimulating life. I've no desire for wealth or luxury.

I have: my own house, a soulmate, a few friends, no enemies, good health, a lively mind.

I wish: there could be more peace and harmony in the world instead of violence and conflict.

I fear: a poverty-stricken, lonely, painful or senile old age. And hate-filled bigots.

I search: for greater understanding of myself and other people, and more emotional sensitivity.

I wonder: at the miracle of existence, of planet earth and all that lives on it, of human imagination and inventiveness.

I regret: virtually nothing. I have had a good life in which things have usually turned out for the best.

I love: Jenny, good food, art, books, music, beautiful scenery, human warmth and tenderness.

I always: admire honest, principled people who stick up for what they believe in, come what may.

I usually: feel optimistic about the future and what it will bring; and see the best in people.

I am not: an angry, jealous, hateful, begrudging, regretful or obsessive person.

I dance: if I get the chance. There's something very liberating and cathartic about it.

I sing: along to CDs, much to Jenny's annoyance.

I never: go to church, wear dresses, go skiing, go to the opera, drink red wine, eat meat, watch football.

I rarely: think of myself as old, buy clothes, go to the doctor, feel bored.

I cry: very seldom. A frustrating result of male conditioning. I wish I could cry more easily.

I know:* a lot about obsessive compulsive disorder, transsexuality, motor neurone disease, Buddhism.

I need: intellectual stimulation, love and affection, self-confidence, to see the funny side of life.

I should: be more adventurous, more persistent, more caring, more industrious.

Amazing how much you can reveal in a few sentences....

* I've invented a new one!

Thanks to: Hullaballoo, Suburbia, and Fat Frumpy and Fifty


  1. Indeed it is amazing how much you can reveal and I share much of it. (except the veggie bit) Nice one Nick!

  2. So glad you did this, I like that you added one of your own too. Good to get to know you better


  3. Baino - We'll convert you to vegetarianism yet!

    Suburbia - I always have to add something. I can't just do what I'm told!

  4. This post quite extraordinary, Nick, I must do it as our similarities are astonishing!
    I guess that's why the blog world connects like minded people!

  5. www - Oh yes, please do yours, it would be fascinating, I'm sure! As you say, like-minded bloggers tend to find each other....

  6. Awww, you did the meme too. It's always a pleasure to get to know more about you.


  7. These answers are exactly why I love reading your blog and why you sound like a really terrific person!

  8. Hulla - Phew, I'm glad it's a pleasure and not a trail of alarming disclosures!

    Conor - You're too kind, sweetheart, I must be very good at self-promotion! *blushes profusely*

  9. Nice! You don't strike me as someone who's angry often.

    And maybe you could be more adventurous by wearing a dress every once in a while.

  10. Nicole - Oooh, you are a caution! Actually, to nail the first lie, I have worn a dress once in a while, and I looked rather gorgeous.

    No, I seldom get angry. My father was viciously bad-tempered and I vowed very early on not to be like him.

  11. I really enjoyed this, Nick. Someone has already said it, but I will repeat that it is lovely getting to know more about you.

  12. FG - Well, in that case, I'll have to find some other ways of revealing myself. I guess I still haven't revealed nearly as much as you've confessed yourself!

  13. Very revealing Nick....I'll have to do it myself.

  14. Muddy - Yes, I want to know all your most intimate secrets (well, maybe one or two)....

  15. This is a great meme (I may steal it!) and it's always so nice to learn a bit more about you. You have such a generous heart so even if you don't cry too much, your caring still shows! And, I love that you put Jenny down as one of your "loves"! :)

  16. Liz - Everybody's stealing it, it's a good one! A generous heart? That's very nice of you. And naturally Jenny was the first love I thought of!

  17. I enjoyed learning about you Nick and have stolen the meme for a rainy day!

  18. Grannymar - Now you know what a tangled and mixed-up person I am!