Saturday, 21 February 2009

Pleasure seekers

Companies may be collapsing in droves because of the economic crisis, but one business that's flourishing like never before is sex toys.

Shops and firms that market them report surging sales as the old image of seedy backstreet dives full of shifty men in dirty raincoats has been ousted by a more enticing picture of uninhibited men and women routinely enhancing their pleasure.

Sales of sex toys are up by a staggering thirty to thirty-five per cent on a year ago. They're increasingly given as presents - even wedding gifts. One company suggests the platinum vibrator with diamonds (£2275) for the bride, and the gold-plated ones (£227) for the bridesmaids.

After all, if the credit crunch means you can no longer afford that up-market restaurant or that designer dress, you can always stay at home and get your pleasure a cheaper way. Well, maybe with plastic rather than platinum.

To cater for all tastes, there are even environmentally-friendly sex toys like feather tickle-sticks and wooden spanking rulers.

Of course the rising popularity of sex toys has prompted criticism that they are just a new source of female insecurity, leading women to think their sexuality can only be fully enjoyed with an expensive, designer-label gizmo. On the other hand, whatever floats your boat, as they say.

Apparently men no longer feel threatened by vibrators, fearing their male functions to be redundant. Now they realise a little technical help in that department can be handy, increasing the pleasure for both them and their partner.

So the next time you wander into that distinguished restaurant and find it's deserted, there could be a simple explanation. All those missing diners have finally sliced up their credit cards and taken to their beds.

Goodness me, it's my second blogiversary this very day. Have I really been churning out this drivel for as long as that?

Jade Goody was rather upstaged at THAT wedding by Jack Tweed and his pals leaving home in nothing but scanty female underwear. Brilliant! A hearty thumbs-up for cross-dressers everywhere!


  1. Happy blogiversary!

    Vibrator for the bride?! Although I suppose by the time they get married most couples have been living toegther so maybe a little stimulus is in order. I suppose it would be more worrying for the groom if the bride put it at the top of the list.

    Tee hee, my word verifier is rudaymo! I swear there is someone sitting there making up apt words to go with the posts.

  2. Good grief . . how do you find out such things! Don't answer that . .personally I'd rather have a good meal .and happy blogiversary and it's not drivel!

  3. Hah... great minds, or something - I had a similar post topic today.

    Happy 2!

  4. Happy Bloggo 2, Nick, and many more and no, it's not drivel ;^)
    Sex Toys?
    Interestingly enough to me, on pondering this, I've never been with anyone who was remotely interested in them.
    Of course I could take this to the other extreme and say: I was sooooo damn good, they just weren't needed.

  5. Liz - I suppose that however skilled the man might be, there are always times when the woman fancies a bit of ahem, personal sex.

    Baino - Oh, fear not, no extra-marital research involved, most of this is from the article I linked to. A good meal doesn't produce orgasms, though....

    Kate - Did you indeed? Will pop over and take a look.

    www - Highly perceptive drivel, of course. Sex toys were virtually non-existent when our generation grew up. Now they seem to be commonplace. That must be it, you simply didn't (don't?) need such assistance....

  6. LOL, but I believe it! Folks become more domestic when things are not going so well money wise, so they maybe need something t distract themselves with.

    Hope you have a Happy Blogiverary!

  7. (American) Liz - Good point, people are looking for distractions from the doom and gloom all around them. Maybe there'll be another of those pregnancy surges?

  8. What better way to celebrate your blogiversary than with a sex toy post!! Great one (hee hee)

  9. Happy Blog birthday :) Looking for ward to the next one. I was actually in a sex shop Friday - doing an interview for the magazine I work with. By all accounts, sales are booming.

  10. Suburbia - Oh yes, I've started a new tradition. Blogiversary posts must always mention sex toys.

    Clare - Doing an interview indeed, a likely story, anyone can see through that one, nudge nudge, wink wink. Were you interviewing the Rampant Rabbit, by any chance?

  11. Happy Blogiversary, Nick! Keep 'em coming. Oops, I didn't know I said that.

    The trend you describe is possibly an offshoot of the huge screen tv's which are becoming ubiquitous and which seem to be male-dominated activities. Women are resourceful.

  12. Heart - Double entendres, what would we do without them?

    Yes, I can imagine women sneaking off to amuse themselves while the men are engrossed in wide-screen footie. And the men probably wouldn't even notice they'd gone.

  13. congrates on 2 years! Maybe you'll get a sex toy as an anniversary present :-)

  14. Conor - What a great idea. I must suggest it to Jenny right now. Mind you, the sex toy cupboard is already bulging, there may not be room for anything else....

  15. happy bloggo thingy - 2 yrs - quite a milestone - ask for benefits!

  16. Quicky - Quite a milestone indeed. I thought I would run out of ideas after a few months but somehow they keep popping up. Benefits, what benefits? Am I eligible for the Veteran Bloggers Allowance?