Sunday, 2 February 2014

True or false?

So - time for some fun. How well do you think you know Nick? Here are twenty statements about me. Which are true and which are false? If you want to make it easier, just name three things you think are correct. I'll give you the answers in due course....

And the answer is: I've been very mischievous. Every statement is false. There's not a shred of truth in any of them. As for number one, it didn't happen to me but it happened to my father. There were a lot of very sensible guesses though!

1) I was born with two thumbs on my left hand, and one of them was surgically removed.
2) I'm allergic to avocados.
3) I once shared a taxi with John Lennon.
4) I often dream of burning buildings.
5) I blush frequently.
6) I have a heart-shaped birthmark on my left thigh.
7) I'm prone to fainting.
8) I used to have a terrible stammer.
9) I swear profusely when I'm drunk.
10) I used to be anorexic.
11) I'm afraid of flying.
12) For my 40th birthday party, I wore a blue minidress, black tights and blue 3 inch heels.
13) I detest broccoli.
14) I once lost two stone in a month.
15) I've never had any pubic hair.
16) I used to sleepwalk.
17) I first had sex in a London tube train.
18) I once hiccupped non-stop for three hours.
19) I've read "Crime and Punishment" eleven times.
20) I bruise easily.


  1. I'm just going to wait for the answers.

  2. Agent: That's uncharacteristically cautious and indecisive of you....

  3. True: 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20

    I'm playing it safe.

  4. It is neither cautious nor indecisive. I just don't play games I don't enjoy.

  5. The only one I'm certain of is 12.


  6. I have no idea, but I am looking forward to hearing the answers.

  7. Agent: I apologise. That was very rude of me. I do agree with you about games you don't want to play.

    Susie: I'm saying nothing!

    John: Goodness me, a declaration of love, that's the last thing I expected! And a big kiss to you, you soppy old thing.

    www: How can you be certain? You weren't there, were you? How did you sneak in?

    Jean: Patience, my dear, patience. The truth will be revealed when the time is ripe....

  8. You do 'bruise easily', Nick. Not necessarily literally [blue, green, violet].

    My, my, aren't we a little narcissistic here.

    If you had a birthmark on your left thigh, and I am sure you do, that would mark you - according to folklore - into a sexual beast. Which, I am sorry to say (and you asked for it) I do not think you are.

    You had a stammer? What a surprise.

    Should you indeed have 'hiccuped for three hours nonstop' that indicates a number of things: You don't know how to breathe three times deeply and/or you don't have friends.

    As to all your other assertions, Nick: I do not believe in being cruel to be kind.


  9. Ursula: I do indeed bruise easily in the emotional sense. Well spotted!

    A birthmark on my left thigh makes me a sexual beast? But I'm such a gentle, considerate soul.

    I'm glad you resisted the temptation to be cruel and horrid....

    Bijoux: You'll just have to wait and see!

  10. Well I hope the one about two thumbs is true, that sounds intriguing! :)

  11. Jenny: There's a story behind that one! All will be revealed presently....

  12. I think John was professing his love to the Secret Agent . . .


  13. Susie: John is gay, so probably not! But maybe he's spreading his net a bit, ha ha.

  14. Nick, your reply to Susie re John's orientation. John being gay does not mean he can't love a woman. Remember his recent and most affectionate declaration for one of his (female) friends? I speak from experience. Rarely have I been wooed more than by a gay man. Yes, really. Poetry, the lot.


  15. Ursula: I'm sure it's possible, but maybe a lot less likely? Anyway, perhaps John can clarify....

  16. All false? I'd have said you blush easily and hate broccoli.

  17. Liz: No, I'm incapable of blushing, even when I've told a complete whopper. And broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables.

  18. I would bet on the even numbers.

  19. Ramana: In which case, you would have lost quite a lot of money!

  20. Nick, I was on holidays, so the answer was given by the time I opened up today. Seriously, on reading the list, I came down on the 'no' side, hesitating only at number ten. I might agree that you were very thin growing up, as I was, but doubt it was anorexia.

  21. Grannymar: You know me too well, you know I enjoy my little jokes! And you also know I've never mentioned any of those things in my almost 7 years of blogging!

    No, I used to be quite thin (about 10½ stone) but I was never anorexic.