Sunday, 28 March 2010

Soft, pink and fluffy

As promised, something soft, pink and fluffy.

Mr Pinkie has some self-esteem issues as all his friends are yellow or brown and he feels a bit out of place. But his sessions with therapist Dr Melissa Flinch are helping a lot and he thinks he will soon be proud to be pink.

He enjoys being soft and fluffy as this means he has a heart of gold and all the girls adore him. They tell him their deepest secrets and he gives them wonderful advice without ever betraying their confidence.

Little bears everywhere long to be as sweet as Mr Pinkie.

Today's the day all the clocks go forward.
I've put them all forward by 24 hours.
Which means it's now Monday.
That's got rid of dreary old Sunday.
And I can enjoy everything a day earlier than anyone else.
Who's a clever boy, then?


  1. I admit, I do like Mr. Pinkie! *squeeze*

    That list makes me want to make my own list. I'll be pondering it.

  2. Leah - Mr Pinkie really likes being squeezed. He probably wants you to squeeze him again.

  3. Mr Pinkie is a very clever boy!

  4. I wouldn't have it Monday now for anything! :)

    Hola, Mr. Pinkie. Let me give you a hug!

  5. I want a Mr Pinkie now, he's such a great bear.

  6. What? Dreary old Sunday? You jest! It's Monday here and I'm employing delaying tactics. Procrastinators of the world unite! (Tomorrow)

  7. Liz - Oh, he is, he is! But unlike some clever dicks, there's human warmth to go with it.

    Megan - He enjoyed the hug. He's looking forward to another one.

    Hulla - You can't have him, he's mine, so there. Get your own, petal.

    Baino - Indeed I jest. Actually Sunday's the best day of the week. Sorry your Mondays are so ghastly.

  8. Wherever did you find Mr. Pinkie, Nick??

  9. e - I think it was under a gooseberry bush. Or it might have been Paddington station. Or maybe at the Teddy Bears Picnic. I forget. Why, do you want one too?

  10. I have a pink fluffy elephant, Nick, do you think they should mate?
    I can send him a pic if you want, I think it would be a match made in heaven.
    Her name is Woody (I know, unfortunate)but she's a clever wee thing and liked his Monday joke.

  11. I am so glad that he is getting used to being Pink... soon he will realise that brown is so dull and embrace his pinkness ;0)

    Is it possible to put clocks forward a week? Then my friends would have arrived and I could have 9 days off work...

  12. Kylie - Ummmmmmm to you too.

    www - Mr Pinkie is very interested. Could this be Ms Right? Send pic straightaway!

    Eternally - Brown is just SOOO dull. Pink is perky and extrovert, with raspberry undertones and hints of rose petal. Put the clocks forward a week? Why not? I believe in freedom of choice.

  13. Great idea to skip a day - let's make this a habit! And thanks for the SJP link, funny story! Sadly I've already started doing some of those things!

  14. I would be interested in reading a counter part article about men realizing that they are no longer young! I have been noticing something that I find odd. Unlike my youth when I got my first pair of trousers when I became a teenager, I find little tots wearing trousers and jeans and old codgers wearing shorts and looking very peculiar!

  15. Niamh - Yes, regular day-skipping would be good. And to compensate, we could have the really lovely days twice....

    Ramana - Good idea, I must think about that. I think the first sign I was getting old was when I no longer had the slightest clue what fashionable young men were wearing.

  16. Hi... new here. But want to say

    I have had a healthy handful of friends who have had to go through the same self-exploration as Mr. Pinkie. My best friend was a dentist before he realized it was ok to tell people he was pink.

  17. Saint D - Absolutely, some people find it very hard to accept themselves as they are and it takes a lot of agonising and adjustment before they can do so.

  18. ah clever Mr Pinky! p.s. no daylight savings in most of Asia which can be damn confusing when you want to call someone across the pond

  19. Quicky - Well, at least a permanent time cuts out all that infuriating business of changing every clock and watch in the house (and the car). Grrrr!