Thursday, 3 June 2010

Asking for it

The legendary Scarlet Blue has challenged me to answer some unusual questions that will bare my soul like never before. After checking with my lawyer, my agent, my therapist, my life advisor, my ghost writer and my make-up artist, I've decided I can safely respond. So here goes:

1: Do you prefer asking questions or answering them?
I like both. I want to get under people's skin and I want them to get under mine.
2: What is your favourite joke (or favourite one-liner)?
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
3: Have you ever fantasised about being on Big Brother?
Being on Big Brother would be my worst nightmare - a complete dearth of witty, sparkling repartee.
4: Have you ever wanted to enter a talent show?
I have no interesting talents. And I hate any kind of competitive environment.
5: Is Simon Cowell really necessary?
Most celebs are as necessary as an ingrowing toenail. A select few are life-enriching. They don't include Simon Cowell.
6: Tea or coffee?
Either. Two good friends with different personalities. Both of them are excellent company.
7: What is your favourite perfume? Or smell?
The sweet smell of success. And anything by Jo Malone.
8: What is the quickest route to Wales from where you live?
As the crow flies and the wind blows. As a mere human, I would have to take the plane.
9: What does the word 'Wales' conjure to your mind?
Leeks, a funny language, eistedfodds and politicians with a bit of common sense.
10: Are you dreading dreaming up ten questions to ask six bloggers?
Of course not. Unflappable, me. Cool as a cucumber. Steady as a rock. Mad as a hatter.

Ten new questions for other people, eh? Is five enough, miss? Give us a break, miss.

1: Do you believe in life after death?
2: Do you believe in fate?
3: Do you ever have dejà vu?
4: Have you ever read someone's mind?
5: Have you ever had a premonition?

I'm not sure which of my blogmates would fancy answering - and posing more questions. But Kylie might like to. Or Baino. Or e. Or Grannymar.


  1. i will take the challenge

  2. Kylie - Bonzer, cobber! I had this premonition that you might be interested. In fact I read your mind.

  3. OH you know I'm a sucker for a meme. Monday perhaps. I like leeks. Then I make a mean leek and potato soup.

  4. Baino - Leek and potato soup, yum. Especially delicious when consumed at an eistedfodd.

  5. Did my comment get lost? Or maybe it has gone to caultra!! That was the capcha just now. LOL.

  6. Nick, you forgot MEEEEEEEEE?

  7. 'Sweird this. I'm never surprised by your answers Nick, after all these years I feel I know you so well *yawn*...

  8. Grannymar - What comment was that? Were you acepting my invitation? And do you mean Cultra? (small village on south shore of Belfast Lough)

    Ramana - Oh, I didn't forget you, I just didn't think you were the meming type. But feel free....

    www - Never surprised, eh? We'll have to do something about that. Did you know I was a karate black belt, btw? And that I once ate 63 boiled eggs at a single sitting?

  9. Clearly you forgot to ask your hairdresser about answering!

    You didn't ask for my answers, but as i love to talk about myself....

    1: Do you believe in life after death? no.

    2: Do you believe in fate? i believe that more often than we know we cause our own fate, but other than that, no.

    3: Do you ever have dejà vu? nope.

    4: Have you ever read someone's mind? ha! i can tell when my husband is displeased with me. but really, no.

    5: Have you ever had a premonition? not one that couldn't be explained by my noticing subtle things and adding them up to a conclusion about what this might lead to.

  10. Meno - Ha, a hard-boiled rationalist if ever I saw one. It's funny, I'm sure I've seen those answers somewhere before, especially the one about dejà vu....

    My hairdresser? She's not very talkative, and if she does talk it's mainly about her kids or her favourite TV programme. Nothing remotely other-worldly.

    Oh, and you're all hereby invited to answer any question that takes your fancy.

  11. Heh. Wales makes me think of mines and coal. And apparently my name is of Welsh origin but I haven't looked that up.

    Good questions, good answers!

  12. Megan - I don't think there are many coal mines left in Wales, most of them were closed down by Mrs Thatcher's government. Ditto the coal mines in England and Scotland. No coal mines whatever in Northern Ireland, only a massive salt mine.

  13. I too will take up your five-question neme, Nick, though not today. If you return to my blog, you'll note that I answered as much as publically dare...

  14. Love you answers Nick, but your questions are awesome too- can't wait to see what Kylie, Baino, e and Grannymar do!

    You do have an interesting talent- writing!

  15. ...yeah, nightmare it maybe, but I reckon you've fantasised about sitting in that diary room chair!
    Thank you for playing!!!

  16. No love for Cowell? I don't watch that show so I can't say I'll miss him when he's gone. I've never wanted to enter a talent show, either. Ugh, the very thought makes me ill!

    I'm down for your challenge!

  17. e - I look forward to that. And I look forward to another of your poems.

    Cinnamon - My writing talent generally lasts for about 500 words, before writer's block sets in.

    Scarlet - I've never fantasised about the diary room chair. But I may have had the odd thought about Davina....

    Liz - A talent show would make me pretty ill too. All those slavering viewers, ready to rubbish someone.

  18. Nick, my original comment was that your photo at the top of the post was a tease! I accepted the challenge and it will appear at my Blog on Saturday.

    The capcha was a misspelling of Cultra.

  19. Grannymar - A tease? You mean the pic implied some sort of intimacy that I then failed to write about? I'll have to put that right in a future post....

  20. fascinating and......
    1, yes
    2, yes
    3, yes
    4, yes
    5, yes
    Did you need any more comment?

  21. Kate - Wow, opposite end of the spectrum to Meno. You must have some kind of psychic sensitivity. I hope you're not reading my mind, it might be embarrassing....

  22. I save it all foe 'when necessary' ... party tricks..... or stuff like that.... too old to care now!!!!!

  23. Kate - Party tricks, eh? Like knowing which guest is about to announce she's pregnant?

    Secret Agent - No, they've just become a Welsh symbol for some reason. They were commonly eaten in ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia (now Iraq). They're also a cultural symbol in Romania. Isn't Wiki wonderful?

  24. I thought I commented here! oops.

    Fun one, Nick. I love Jo Malone's distinctive scents too. And the elegant bottles.

  25. Leah - They're wonderful, aren't they? Another of my favourite smells is freshly-mown grass.

  26. Is that all Wales says to you? Hm, I shall have to think of a way of putting this right.

  27. Liz - Well, that was a bit tongue in cheek. I've stayed in Wales several times (mid and north, not your area) and I enjoyed it immensely. It has of course also got lots of stunning scenery - and Cerys Matthews.