Saturday, 24 March 2018

Fleeting glimpses

  • I won't leave any great achievements behind me when I die. I shall simply vanish into the ether. I have no problem with that.
  • I'm used to doing things on my own. If other people are hovering, I get flustered (if they're hoovering, I get even more flustered).
  • Most cats find me frightening. They rush off at top speed when they see me. But some cats are extra friendly and want lots of stroking.
  • I know I shouldn't judge by appearances but I do. I like to think I can suss someone out. Usually my assumptions are quite wrong.
  • Sometimes I have no patience whatever and get instantly exasperated. At other times I have all the patience in the world. There's no logic to it.
  • I'm not easily duped or scammed. I have a pretty acute shit-detector that alerts me fast. In fact I'm a bit too sceptical for my own good.
  • How handy it would be if toenails and fingernails stopped growing once they reached their full size. Why do they need to keep growing??
  • Flying doesn't scare me. Planes are incredibly well maintained and very safe. After all, the pilots and crew want to stay alive.
  • I may be six foot, but I don't think of myself as tall unless I see myself in the mirror. I tend to think I'm a similar height to other people.
  • I'm compulsively polite. I hate having arguments with people, so I always try to smooth things over with a few bland comments.
  • It's strange that I've never seen myself walking down the street.
  • I wouldn't be seen dead with a pair of Calvin Klein underpants. Or a pair of budgie-smugglers. Or a pair of budgies. Or even a single budgie. Even if it was very lonely and desperate for company.


  1. it's possibly all relevant!
    I live in a city where pro basket ball players live.
    it is nothing to see them grocery shopping! they are mostly 6'7" or upwards to 6'9"!!
    once in an elevator I was eye level with the belt buckle of one of them! I think the world must look totally different to them!
    and if I were lonely or ever desperate for company I would never get a bird.
    but I would definitely have a dog. they make the best company. they live with joy.
    and unconditional love is their middle name. xo

  2. I miss my dogs more than I ever missed a partner/lover.
    I try to be true to myself and my own beliefs even when others get offended.
    I would defend anyone's right to speak their own truth.
    I am an intellectual snob. There, I've said it.
    Your exterior doesn't impress me.
    But your interior does.


  3. I was always the peacemaker in my family when I grew up. With Andy I'm more apt to face disagreements and discuss them with affection and good humor. It seems to work just fine.

  4. Tammy: I'm not a pet-person, but if I was very lonely I would probably get a cat. They're not quite as all-over-you as dogs.

    www: I suppose I'm also a bit of an intellectual snob. But really all that means is that I gravitate towards people who think seriously about things and don't just parrot the first opinion they come across.

  5. Jean: Discussing disagreements with affection and good humour is our approach too. Getting angry and shouting at each other would only make things worse.

  6. My children are the only accomplishment I'll leave behind, I also like doing things on my own. I'm not an animal person. I can be judgmental on appearances (I equate overweight or sloppy appearance with laziness). I'm a skeptical person. I'm not afraid of flying, but the process stresses me out. Calvin Klein is one of my favorite designers!

  7. Bijoux: I have to admit I also tend to equate overweight or sloppy appearance with laziness. But I know that's unfair because people can be overweight for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with over-eating or lack of exercise.

  8. PS He doesn't like arguing any more than I do, that's the important thing. We're both problem solvers, so we put on our thinking caps.

  9. Speaking of arguing... U has now turned on me rather than you! How delightfully boring

  10. How is overweight in any way related to laziness, ever???

    And pilots and crew may want to stay alive but they are not the ones to either maintain the plane or budget for it so that logic does not keep you safe!

  11. Jean: Yes, putting on your thinking caps is always the best way to resolve things.

    John: Oh dear. She seems to be fixated on you for some reason. What can you do but delete?

  12. Kylie: But if pilots think there's something seriously wrong with the plane, presumably they'll insist it's checked out. Whereas a motorist might hear a strange noise and simply ignore it in the hope it'll go away.

  13. I don't mind cats running away from me but, I would very much mind if the two legged variety of them did, and also dogs. I love cats who love jazz. For Indian conditions, at 5'10, I am considered to be tall but I do not look down on people. I am not compulsively polite, but am generally polite and expect that to be returned too. I would not like to see you in a pair of calvin klein underpants. So, don't worry about that.

  14. Ramana: How do you tell if a cat loves jazz? Do they purr? Do they dance? Do they hum the tunes?

    Don't worry, there's no chance you'll see me in my underwear. Some things are not for public consumption.

  15. I am calling the budgie protection league.

  16. Scarlet: Sorry, they're all out of the office on a special training day. Something about increasing self-esteem in the common budgie.

  17. I like flying and definitely subscribe to “The pilot wants to arrive safely” notion. We all vanish eventually. I love my dogs but I like cats too. If nails stopped growing what would happen if they broke or were damaged and had to be removed? That wouldn’t be good. I like company except when sightseeing, then I prefer to be on my own to explore my choices in my time frame. I get the budgie smuggler thing (my daughter had to explain that a couple of years ago!) but why are you so anti Calvin Klein?

  18. Polly: That's true, what would happen if a nail was damaged? I like sightseeing with someone else (usually Jenny) because they often notice little details I've missed. As for Calvin Klein underpants, firstly I don't like the boxer-short style and secondly I don't like his name emblazoned on my underwear.

  19. Fair enough Nick. Have a good weekend :-)

  20. You too Polly. And I hope the week in Essex isn't as wet as the forecast suggests.

  21. When my son, who is 6 feet tall, was visiting Alaska, he said he was struck by how tall all the men were. He told me he was the short one there.

    True story - I have a good friend in Australia whose son is one of the Budgie smuggler reps. Me, I don't see the appeal.

  22. Agent: Yes, I'd heard that about Alaskan men. It must be very strange to suddenly be the short one and not the tall one!

  23. I sometimes see in a shop window the reflection of an old woman walking along the street but I know it's not me. I'm not old.

  24. Liz: I'm well adjusted to what I look like. I don't try to pretend I'm forty years younger. The only thing that bothers me is other people's stereotypes of the elderly - that I must be feeble-minded or feeble-bodied.