Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sex symbols

It must be weird when the world sees you as a sex symbol.
Like George Clooney or Scarlett Johansson.
They must know very well they're no sexier than anyone else.
Who knows, they may even find sex utterly boring.
But people see them as some red-hot seducer.
Quite a reputation to live up to.
I'm rather glad I was never seen as anything resembling a sex symbol.
I'm the most ordinary person to look at.
If you saw me as a sex symbol, I'd just laugh like a drain.
I'd assume you needed new glasses.
People never gave me a second glance, even when young and wrinkle-free.
Nobody was ever panting to get me between the sheets.
Thank goodness for that.
I'm happy to be known for other, more essential qualities.
Like kindness or compassion or loyalty.
I'm happy to be the amused onlooker
sipping my glass of wine
as others flaunt their wares and seduce each other
with a shameless appetite.
I'm happy that what I think
is more interesting than what I look like.
Maybe I'm a red-hot, sultry thought symbol.


  1. Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence. It's not all about looks

  2. Kylie: It certainly isn't about looks for me. What's going on inside is far more important. That's why I find the whole idea of a sex symbol totally absurd.

  3. I know you have shown me off your blog. Don't fret. I am here, on this special occasion, for you.

    Rest assured: I have never, not even in my most modest dreams, seen you as a sex symbol. You are all you set yourself out to be.

    No one has ever been "panting" to see you between the sheets, Nick? Oh dear. Poor Jenny. No, actually let's forget Jenny for a moment. Poor you.

    You pride yourself on "kindness ... compassion ... loyalty"? Hmm.

    Anyway, upwards and onwards with 2016.In Nick's world it can only get worse.


  4. that great glamour girl from the past...
    and i suppose 'sex symbol' if they were allowed to use that word so freely back then ...
    said rather pensively
    "they go to bed with gilda. and they wake up with me."

    how sad that would be. to feel you didn't 'measure up' to some ridiculous ideal created for you by a film role or even worse...
    the PRESS.
    great post nick.
    america has a love affair with YOUTH itself and the scrambling to keep it.
    it's scared to death of anything that smacks of age.
    it seems to be almost a visceral fear ... in the ads and the live press we get. shallow. all about the persona. and they ALL look alike.

    my idea of a sexy man is one who can THINK. and one not afraid to show his feelings. to shed a tear. inner strength rather than muscle bound. there is an elegance to such a man. a treasure indeed.

  5. Well, actually, you have listed a lot of the attributes that women DO find sexy. I never know who votes for the "sexiest". It must be a contest judged by some shallow types, don't you think?

  6. Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

  7. Tammy: Unfortunately I think there are still far too many women and men comparing themselves to the media-defined "ideal". I think the UK also has a love affair with youth. There are regular rows about middle-aged women TV presenters being discarded in favour of younger faces.

    My idea of a sexy woman would certainly include inner strength and intelligence rather than a beautiful body. Also assertiveness and frankness.

  8. Mother: The whole idea of a sexy-looking person is absurd, isn't it? Let alone the sexiest man/woman in the world. So much sex appeal flows from someone's personality and you can't see that in a photo.

    John: Thank you. And the same in return!

  9. Sexy isn't always about looks that's for sure, however much the glossy magazines try to convince us otherwise.
    I've never regarded myself as sexy, and as I entered my forties I quickly realised that I had become invisible. Probably just as well, given that the body can no longer compete with the demands of the mind as well as it used to.....

  10. I remember reading profiles on these "sexy" people and the consenus was they were pathetic between the sheets, expecting eternal adulation from partners and never participating, etc. Possibily stereotyping, blah blah.

    I would think it up to others to define our best qualities?

    For me, it was always, always the men who made me laugh in bed.
    And there are far too few. To most it was a grim business indeed where performance was everything. Too bad.

    Happiest of 16s to you.


  11. Dave: My body was never able to satisfy the media-inspired criteria of sexual prowess! As I never had the slightest interest in other men's "performance", it didn't bother me very much.

    www: It doesn't surprise me that the sex icons weren't actually that sexy. I must say that half an hour of laughter is much more enjoyable than a strenuous, half-hearted shagging session.

  12. I never understood why George Clooney was supposed to be so sexy. But i have a warm spot in my heart for the fellow because he says he cuts his own hair. Sometimes it works, other times someone will say, "Dude, you really need to get a good haircut." Yay, George!

  13. Jean: He may cut his own hair, but I bet he gets plenty of help with everything else! I must say he seems like a nice guy. But how can anyone but Amal (and any former bedmates) possibly know if he's a good lay?

  14. There are some very good looking people about - but the 'celebrities' aren't among them.

  15. Helen: I heartily agree. I can think of several old workmates who really got me going! Once stripped of the make-up and fancy clothes, the celebs are no prettier or sexier than anyone else.

  16. Each to his own. I never saw the attraction of being famous in any way.

  17. Jenny: Me neither. In fact I'd hate to be famous. The paparazzi following you everywhere you go, the endless personal abuse and criticism, everyone expecting you to be perfect - it must be a nightmare. Lucrative and privileged, but still a nightmare.

  18. To be honest, I don't understand the whole issue. When I see most couples around, the logic of the mutual attraction eludes me. In fact, when Urmeela was alive, most new acquaintances wondered what she saw in me!

  19. Ramana: It's impossible to understand other people's relationships. All relationships are so unique. And like you, I sometimes wonder what on earth someone sees in their chosen partner.

  20. Happy New Year!!
    What did I miss of 2015? Better have a catch up....

  21. Scarlet: And a happy 2016 to you too! May you meet the requirements of your new Damehood with style, elegance and panache.

    Scarlett Johansson may be a sex symbol, but she isn't a Dame!

  22. Wishing you a happy, sexy new year!

  23. And a happy, sexy 2016 to you too! May you have a year of unexpected joys and surprises!

  24. "I'm happy to be known for other, more essential qualities.", and very modest with it too!

    A bit like me. . . . .*cough*

  25. Keith: I'm not boasting, I'm just saying. Surely any normal human being is capable of kindness, compassion and loyalty? I'm certainly not boasting about my sexual prowess, ha ha.

  26. Happy New Year!

    I think you fell into the trap that equates "pretty" with "sexy".

    There are a lot of actors and actresses who I think are very aesthetically pleasing, but who I don't find remotely shaggable.

    Sexy is the glint in the eye, the cheekiness in the smile, the mischief. the thinking behind the eyes.

    Actors I find sexy? Vincent D'Onofrio, Robert Downey Jr and Liam Neeson.

    People I find sexy IRL: Dave.

    The great thing is that it's all different for everyone.

  27. Rose: Oh no, I've never equated pretty with sexy. Must have misled you somewhere. I agree with you that sexiness is all about personality and what's going on inside - the glint in the eye and all that. If I find a celeb sexy, I know it's entirely what I'm projecting onto them as obviously I'm not personally acquainted with them.

  28. Do you think Hitler was capable of kindness, compassion and loyalty? Well, he did love dogs and children, you can see that in Eva's home movies.

  29. Keith: Very selective kindness in his case - the exception that proves the rule, you might say. Like the mafia mobster who tells you you how much he loves his mamma.