Saturday, 9 March 2013

Two in a tub

These two homeless women, desperate for somewhere to live, are temporarily housed in this bathtub in a central London park.

It's not ideal accommodation, but it's the best they can find.

It gets a bit cold at night, but they wrap up warm, wear amusing hats, drink lots of wine, and sing to each other to keep their spirits up.

The bath is a little small but they try not to move around too much.

They don't mind a bit of rain, it leaves them feeling clean and fresh.

Alicia, on the left, is telling her boyfriend that she's finally found a home.

Maria, on the right, is about to shave her legs. She's thinking about existentialism.

Alicia is a lecturer in media studies. Maria works in human resources.

The other park users are careful to ignore them and respect their privacy.

Oh dear, my surreal sense of humour seems to be baffling everyone yet again....


  1. If I saw them, I would pretend to ignore them and respect their privacy too.

  2. Ramana: I'm glad to hear that. A gal needs a little privacy from prying eyes.

  3. I'm impressed they have a power connection, I hope it also heats the tub.

    Eyes averted.


  4. www: I know, I wonder how they managed that? I guess it's a case of power to the people....

  5. Might start a trend.... a fancy titfer in the bath. no Nick, what style would you wear?

  6. wine and funny hats? I may join them :)

  7. Grannymar: I think the red hat is rather stylish. With a red mini-dress maybe....

    Speccy: If you have wine and funny hats, then life is treating you well.

  8. For a moment or two, I believed you!

  9. Jenny: It's the way I tell 'em!

  10. They have a landline! How jolly sophisticated.

  11. Liz: So charmingly retro, don't you think? The phone number's probably Little Snoring 123.