Saturday, 27 October 2012

Small mouse

Another triumph for Tanzi Twitch, the renowned conceptual artist, who has again won the Scunthorpe Award for International Art with her startling new work "The Small Mouse Is Slightly Confused But Nevertheless Finds The Cheese Number 23."

Art connoisseur Sophie Slingback asked her about the controversial painting, which has been heavily attacked by critics and the general public alike.

SS: Critics have pointed out that the title seems to bear no relation to the painting, which depicts a dusty room empty of everything except a tin of baked beans. There is no visible mouse or cheese or mousetrap. Is this discrepancy saying something about confusion?

TT: The critics all hate me. They hate that I'm rich and famous and beautiful while they're ugly nonentities living in seedy basement flats. That's why they're attacking my painting. It's all just spite and malice.

SS: They have a point though, don't they? I mean, there's no mouse to be seen anywhere in the painting. Neither a confused mouse or a clear-headed mouse. Neither a small mouse or a large mouse. The mouse has gone missing, whereabouts unknown.

TT: The critics are all parasites leeching off the artistic estate. They wouldn't know a masterpiece if it bit them on the arse. They wouldn't know genius if they had it for lunch. Their opinions are worthless, only fit for toilet paper.

SS: The critics also suggest that the anonymity of the mouse, the lack of an identifiable name, is insulting and demousifying and recalls Nazism at its worst.

TT: The mouse prefers to remain anonymous. She finds names confusing. She might forget if her name was Mirabelle or Goldilocks. Or Tinkerbelle or Anastasia. She would be running around all day in a panic, terrified she might be called Sharon.

SS: There are persistent rumours that the mouse was brutally disposed of when the painting was complete. It was chopped into pieces and dumped at dead of night in remote woodland. There are witnesses.

TT: Another grotesque lie. The mouse is alive and well in a mouse retirement home in Budleigh Salterton. She spends her days knitting and playing sudoku. She is blissfully happy and proud of her unique contribution to the global artistic heritage.

SS: Brilliant! Sheer genius! A talent to be reckoned with.

TT: Christ, I could do with a fag.

Picture of Tanzi Twitch courtesy of the Plunkett Gallery, Cork Street, London 


  1. Agent: I know, one nasty habit she just can't shake off apparently. And not that type of fag either, unless she's a fag hag....

  2. As somebody said, cough cough!

    Brilliant! Sheer genius! A talent to be reckoned with.

    Now when is your book due for publication?

  3. Grannymar: Oh come now, my puny talents are but a small pebble compared with the cliff face that is the artistic talent of Ms Twitch.

  4. I hear her knitting is a rodent's nest and her sudoku is on the same page since she left.

    Of course missing her head could have a lot to do with these shortfalls.


  5. www: Actually her knitting is brilliant. She's won several Elderly Mouse Knitter of the Year contests.

  6. Speccy: Tanzi's a hoot. A true original. I believe she's a good friend of Grayson Perry.

  7. Nick, you are getting obsessed with TT. Not good for your spleen.

  8. Ramana: My spleen is in fine shape, thanks. And I'm not at all obsessed with Ms Tanzi. I last wrote about her 16 months ago. Andrej Pejic on the other hand....