Thursday, 28 June 2012

Scrambled brain

I've had a nasty infection for a week and my brain is scrambled.

I feel like Francis Gilroy in David Park's book The Truth Commissioner:

"Never before has Gilroy felt his life so full of words and so depleted of those that carry meaning. Some days it feels he's wearing a straitjacket or his brain is clamped in a vice. He wants a new way to speak; he wants whatever's still ahead of him to be lived in a different way."

Normal service may or may not be resumed in due course.

Watch this space.


  1. Ha! I've had that infection for over a year now.
    Get well soon, Nick.
    I was thinking of writing a post tomorrow.... but if your brain's scrambled I'll put it on hold.

  2. Tough luck, Nick, how miserable for you.
    Get well soon.
    We'll stay in the holding pattern.

  3. Scarlet - Ooh, a new post, how exciting! I shall have to get my brain in full fettle pronto to give it my fullest attention.

    www - Excellent. But have you got enough fuel to stay in the air for a while?

  4. get yourself better, nick!

  5. Oh poor you/us. Both my son and I have chest infections at the moment. Hoping like hell we didn't catch it from a colleague at work who has just been diagnosed with whooping cough. Get better soon.

  6. Hope you're better soon, Nick, I enjoy your thought provoking posts.

  7. Kylie - Thanks!

    Myra - My sympathies. Hope you're not feeling as battered as I am.

    Jenny - Thanks. Not feeling very thoughtful just now, more like wading through treacle.

  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Nick. Not to worry, the brain will unscramble itself soon enough. I speak from experience. It is a daily occurrence for me.

  9. Ramana - My brain is unscrambling itself rapidly. I daresay something prodigiously brilliant will emerge from it soon.

  10. Aaah, I'm sorry. My son and his girlfriend have had a horrible virus for a few weeks and it really does affect the way you function, doesn't it?

    Hope you feel better soon. :)

  11. Jay - Thanks. It's funny how a virus affects the brain as well. I felt about as lucid as a guinea pig. Fully recovered now, thank goodness.

  12. I am rather late with the grapes. I hope you are back to normal at this stage. Take care.

  13. Grannymar - I'm very much back to normal. Firing on all cylinders, you might say.