Thursday, 7 May 2009

Alphabet soup: C

Number three in the globally celebrated series "Nick As Alphabet". T shirts and ringtones available soon....

Chocoholic: Love the stuff, it's pure luxury. But I can't eat too much without getting nauseous.

Cheese: Can't get enough of it, so many delicious types. Had to give up being vegan as I missed cheese too much. (Requested by Baino!)

Compliments: I always enjoy a compliment, and I try to praise others likewise. It costs nothing and it lifts the spirit.

Conscience: I have too many moral scruples to be one of those ruthless, go-getting types.

Conspiracies: Never been much of a conspiracy theorist. Most calamities are due to accidents or incompetence.

Cremation: Don't want to be left lying in the ground. Just burn me and scatter the ashes somewhere beautiful.

Cross-dressing: Done a bit of that in my time. I did look pretty stunning once in hot pants and pink tights.

Cruelty: I recoil from any hint of it. It does so much emotional damage, but it's still far too common.

Culchie: The Irish term for country bumpkin. So what do you call the city bumpkin, who prefers the chip shop to the deli?

Country: I enjoy the peace and scenery for short periods, but I'm a culture-vulture townie at heart.

Charisma: I have none whatever. But the humdrum exterior conceals an inner furnace of creativity and wit.

Claustrophobia: Only get it in very confined spaces. I couldn't possibly go potholing or be a miner, I'd totally panic.

Clairvoyants: Mostly frauds. None of their ludicrous predictions about my life ever came true.

Classical music: I've tried hard to appreciate it, but most of it goes over my head. I'm an incorrigible rock fan.

Cycling: Used to cycle a lot when I was young, but then went off it. Keep thinking I should take it up again.

Custard pie: It must be a wonderful feeling to throw a custard pie at someone you object to. Plenty of candidates!


  1. The more I read this alphabet soup the more I want to try it. Am I allowed to steal your idea?

    In Dublin the Culchies called us city folk Jackeens! I was never sure if it only applied to Dublin people or to anyone born in a city.

  2. Grannymar - Of course you can steal it, I haven't copyrighted it yet! Wikipedia says the term jackeen applies only to Dubliners, but no doubt it's found its way elsewhere!

  3. I have this horror of waking up not dead in a coffin! So it's cremation for me. Then if I am not dead, it will be over quickly.

    With you on just about everything except I love the country and never cycled.

  4. Liz - I bet a lot of people have that horror. After all, you read about it happening now and again. Being burnt alive wouldn't be much fun though....

  5. I've been meaning to get back on the bike so to speak too Nick, I thought one of those solar powered for the tough hills.
    I find you have loads of charisma - but then again us bloggers get to know each other on a far different playing field than casual introductions. Interesting that.

  6. Cross-dressing Nick? Do tell?!!!

    (definitely with you on the chocolate tho'!)

  7. www - Solar powered bikes for the hills, that sounds good. You think I have lots of charisma? Very nice of you, perhaps I'm doing myself an injustice....

    Suburbia - Ooh, better be careful here, don't want to embarrass my beloved. This was mainly in the days of the Gay Liberation Front, when cross-dressing was virtually compulsory. Being thin, I did look rather gorgeous in some outfits.

  8. Oh Nick. What an image! Bet you've got great legs! You forgot cheese!

  9. Oh I meant to say also that wouldn't it be wonderful if we could solve conflict with a massive pie fight!

  10. Baino - Fabulous legs, darling! Eat your heart out, he he. Ah yes, cheese should be there somewhere.

    Perhaps a massive international pie fight would be a less harmful way of solving conflicts than bombs and guns?