Thursday, 4 December 2008

Heading for Oz

In a few hours I'm off to Adelaide, Australia to meet up with Jenny for a wee vacation. We'll be returning from Sydney at the beginning of January.

I might do some posts from Oz. On the other hand, I might not.

So take care of yourselves, have a fabulous Christmas and I'll have a few Down Under tales for you when I get back.

PS: Fortunately I'm flying out via Singapore and not Bangkok....

The image has nothing whatever to do with Australia - but I liked it.


  1. Bon Voyage Nick, I'll see you for lunch on the 21st! How exciting. If in Adelaide, try a 'floater' and a Big M Iced Coffee . .I'm told they're good as gold! Oh and don't forget the Barossa valley . .good food and wine. (I'm scratching my head looking for a vegetarian restaurant with a view!) Travel safe and see you in a couple of weeks. Don't forget your Aerogard!

  2. Travel safely and have a wonderful holiday.

    Bring hugs to Baino form Norn Iron!

  3. Have a brilliant time! I'm wishing for the summer already.
    Happy Christmas (I think you're the first person I've wished that to this year!)

  4. Enjoy your holidays! You'll be missed.

  5. Have a wonderful trip Nick and enjoy your new adventures, I'll be keen to hear of them all.
    Happy holidays!
    PS love the picm BTW, stunning.

  6. Safe trip Nick!
    See you on the 21st! :)
    22nd, 23rd, 24th I was rostered to work, so I am going to argue today at the office. We will see.
    I hope you will have a whale of a time here.

  7. hope you have a nice holiday.

  8. Thanks for all your best wishes, guys. Right now I'm at the State Library in Adelaide. Weather is hot and sunny. Have just been to the Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Institute. Some fantastic paintings. Got food poisoning on the flight over - a pretty horrible experience.

  9. Nick, that picture gave me the heebie geebies. I can't imagine what you were searching for when you found it.

    Have a lovely holiday, I will miss your clogging. Wishing you a merry hot Christmas cos it's truly brrrrrrrrr here. Lucky sausage, I am soooo jealous.



  10. 'great picture: 'have a wonderful holiday!

  11. Funny, Jenny didn't like the picture either. What's so weird about it?

    Still in Adelaide. Getting very hot. Have just been to the Migration Museum. The government used to be very strict about who it allowed into the country - for a long time the British were the only desirables.

  12. Very jealous. Have a wonderful time.

  13. Now in Melbourne. Sun and showers! Have seen lots of amazing art, including some brilliant aboriginal paintings. I just love trams, and there are trams everywhere!