Thursday, 27 December 2007

Random and weird things

The lovely Diane, aka Queen of the Quotes, has challenged me to this meme. I couldn't think of any devious way to refuse, so here goes.

Seven random or weird things about Nick

1. I have only 26 teeth. The other six were removed because my jaws were too small.
2. I once had the same dream as my girlfriend, that we had accidentally left a suitcase behind at a train station.
3. Once when I was a journalist at an official function, I ran into the Queen and her aides, looking for the toilet, and I gave her directions.
4. I'm afraid of the dark, cockroaches, hospitals and confined spaces.
5. As a child I took piano lessons but my piano teacher quit saying I was impossible to teach.
6. I can do a perfect Australian accent.
7. I think Grayson Perry's dresses are adorable. And his pottery is sheer genius.

Sorry, Diane, but I'm not going to pass on the meme. I don't want anyone out there to feel pressured....


  1. Ooo the perfect Australian accent! I will have to hear that one day! :)

    I still have to do the meme thing that JD has tagged me with. I just have too much weird stuff that I can share with the rest of the world, so I am taking my time eliminating the most embarrasing ones! :)

  2. Nick,

    Didn't mean to pressure you! Loved your random facts. Here are two more about me:

    1. My mother's maiden name was Purcell - I may still have relatives in your neck of the woods.

    2. My husband is an artist and a bodhran player. Sometimes he combines both "arts" and paints family crests on drums for James Import Co.

    Life can be random, odd, exhilarating."Arrange Whatever pieces come your way." -Virginia Woolf


  3. Gaye - Fair dinkum, cobber! As long as I don't get eaten by a Tasmanian Devil first. Too much weird stuff eh? It can't be any weirder than what goes in this here head.

    Diane - Purcell? I didn't think the name was particularly Irish. I gather it originated in Castilian Spain in the 9th century. "Arrange whatever pieces come your way" - excellent advice.

  4. The queen goes to the bathroom?

    I'm with you with having a fear of the dark, Nick. I replace your fear of roaches with rats though. It was so crowded at the gym today that I felt claustrophobic.

  5. I know, it destroys all one's illusions about the Royal Personage, doesn't it? Don't like rats much myself either. I used to see them quite often on London tube stations.

  6. It's hard to picture the Queen in a public restroom. It conjures images.

    I wonder if the simultaneous dream you and your girlfriend had was about a baby.

    I also took piano lessons as a child but quit because my teacher spat when she talked. It was disconcerting and sometimes muggy.

  7. A dream about a baby? Intriguing idea. Do you mean there was a baby in the suitcase? Or the suitcase symbolised a baby? We hadn't been together very long and I don't recall us ever discussing babies. And no, I don't think I would tolerate a spitting teacher for long either.

  8. I have only 26 teeth too! That's probably less uncommon than it sounds - two wisdom and four for overcrowding reasons - but it seems a pretty good coincidence right now!

  9. Well, well, as you say, an amazing coincidence! I never had any wisdom teeth, but maybe that's because I had so many removed in the first place. The big advantage seems to be fewer visits to the dentist (as long as I keep the remaining teeth in good nick).