Saturday, 24 March 2012

Questions questions

The splendid Speccy has challenged me to answer eleven questions. I'm glad to see there's nothing too revealing or controversial, nothing to make a maiden blush or a vicar weep. So here goes:

1. What was the last concert you went to?
K T Tunstall at the Ulster Hall, Belfast. Totally brilliant.

2. When did you last drink champagne?
At the Chandon winery near Melbourne in January.

3. Have you been dancing recently?
Only dancing with rage. Or dancing with joy.

4. What's the first track on the closest CD?
St James Infirmary by Hugh Laurie and Record Collector by Lissie Maurus. I adore both singers.

5. If you could compete in the Olympics, in what event?
Gymnastics. I'd love to be capable of such grace and agility.

6. What is your favourite children's book?
Alice in Wonderland. She has such extraordinary adventures. And I've always been a sucker for surrealism.

7. How did you choose your blog title?
An angel of the Lord came unto me saying "Howdi, Nickhereandnow, I command you to start blogging."

8. How long do you spend on blogging each week?
A few hours. Or a few days if you include answering the huge piles of fan mail.

9. What was your biggest achievement?
Staying alive. I was very accident-prone as a child.

10. Who are you inspired by?
Anyone who is generous, compassionate, smart, strong-minded, courageous and witty.

11. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
Not me, it was the cookie fairy. I saw her. I did, I did. Cross my heart and hope to die.

I won't tag anyone else, they might not like it. But if anyone wants to join in, here are some new questions:

What are you hopeless at/brilliant at?
What do you wish you'd never worn/said?
What was the last time you cried/jumped for joy?
What personal quality do you cringe at/relish?
What's your favourite garment/time of the day?
What daily chore drives you nuts?


kylie said...

i will count myself as an inspiration to you, then!

have a nice weekend

speccy said...

I like these :) And we have remarkably similar taste in music...

Nick said...

Kylie - I'm sure those qualities define you very accurately!

Speccy - We do? Well, obviously we're both very discerning and have excellent taste.

Bijoux said...

I've always enjoyed these sorts of memes.....nice to get to know you a little better, Nick! And I think we both need to drink champagne more often!

Nick said...

Bijoux - I think we unwittingly reveal a lot more of ourselves in our blogs than we imagine. I know more about my blogmates than I do about some "real-life" friends.

Indeed, more champagne is urgently required. Mind you, I have been drinking cava as well.

Secret Agent Woman said...

The favorite garment/time of day made me laugh. What a funny combo. And it made me realize that I have very few favorite things - it is utterly dependent on what is going on and/or who I'm with.

Champagne. My drug of choice. But I am careful about when I drink it because when I do, I inevitably end up in someone's lap.

Nick said...

Agent - That's true that "favourite" is somewhat based on context. But I can enjoy tiramisu or Lissie Maurus or cat-stroking any time at all.

Champagne can induce all sorts of unpredictable behaviour!

Rummuser said...

I enjoyed the answers as much as the questions. I have aped you in my blog and have linked your post. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nick said...

Ramana - I don't see anything in your blog. Is Blogger playing up again? I've noticed it's miscounting the number of comments....

Jenny Woolf said...

Quite interesting questions, Nick, and interesting answers. I'm glad Alice in Wonderland is your favourite book, although I don't know why I should be, really. Except that it is also mine.

Okay here are the answers to your additional questions
What are you hopeless at/brilliant at?

Useless at dancing, sadly. I adore watching it but have never been able to follow steps.

What do you wish you'd never worn/said?

Wish I'd never said yes to someone at work who suggested taking my career down a particular direction, I suppose I might have learned from it, but it caused me several years of grief!

What was the last time you cried/jumped for joy?

I don't tend to do it at all, but I often feel very happy (like, today, in fact).

What personal quality do you cringe at/relish?

I relish people who can make really witty off the cuff retorts.

What's your favourite garment/time of the day?

My favourite time of day is fairly early morning, day is full of possibilities.

What daily chore drives you nuts?

Hoovering the stairs, which is why I don't do it every day, even though I guess I should! :D

Nick said...

Jenny - Yes, I also relish (and envy) people who are effortlessly witty. How do they do it?

Goodness, does anyone hoover the stairs once a day? Who has the time?

Nick said...

Ramana - Thanks for the email. I look forward to your replies tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

My favourite book as a child was Under The Lilacs by Louise May Alcott

Nick said...

Myra - Goodness, I'd never even heard of that one, only the more famous Little Women. According to the plot details on Wiki, horses seem to feature heavily. Are you a horse-lover?

Rummuser said...

My web server had a problem with the date/time configuration and I had problems with the scheduling. It has now been fixed. Sorry about that.

Nick said...

Ramana - Better late than never, I guess!

Wisewebwoman said...

Hugh Laurie. YES!
Up another 100 notches on my similarity scale.

Nick said...

www - Isn't he brilliant? I had no idea he was such a fabulous musician until someone gave me the heads up on "Let Them Talk".

Liz said...

You'd recommend Hugh Laurie then? I adore him in House - but he doesn't really get much chance to sing in that, although he does play the piano.
(For some very odd reason I keep calling it a piarno.)

Nick said...

Liz - Hugh Laurie is a revelation as a singer. Brilliant blues/jazz numbers that compete very favourably with some of the well-known voices. The instrumentals are fabulous too.

blackwatertown said...

Last music I was at was Saturday night - some revelatory (in a good way) English country music - followed by something more in the Velvet Underground vein which quickly became a fight. Both entertaining, but the first act is what I'll return to. (Pictures when I get round to it.)

Nick said...

Blackwater - I look forward to the full account! But I can't say I'm much of a country music fan myself.