Monday, 24 May 2010

Kiss and tell

How do you fancy kissing someone new every day for a year? And recording how you felt about it - and how the other person felt about it? Fun or not fun?

Philip Thiel is doing just that during 2010, and telling us all about it in his Melbourne-based blog. It's fascinating reading.

Every year since 2005, he has devoted the year to daily activities around an offbeat theme. One year he gave someone a flower each day. Another year he followed someone each day. He has also written daily poetry, written about saints, and done 365 different things with lemons.

His partner Julien calls him a blog artist, which is about right. The idea of using your blog to elaborate artistic concepts is an interesting variation on the usual themes.

03 May 2010: "Bonjour, bonjour!" Our standard greeting was given with its usual level of campness. Was it this banterish Frenchness that allowed for my spontaneous request? "Kiss me!" I suggested, leaning over the desk and puckering grotesquely. Kay fluttered nearer, I leant further, and - after a few unbalanced seconds - we brushed lips. Sensing that an explanation was in order, I said "I just won a poetry competition!"

29 April 2010: Ka Fam was raving about the kiss, seemingly surprised that someone as pale as me could generate such hotness. To Julien he said "Your boyfriend is such a good kisser! I'm still trying to oxygenate myself!" The priceless look on my husband's face.

Curiously, it seems nobody has yet refused point blank to be kissed. Nobody has said "Kiss me? Are you insane? Get away from me, you nasty creature." Nobody has slapped him or struck him with a handbag. Everybody has been amused and intrigued by his invitation.

Of course it helps that he's a very personable young man and not some alcoholic old lecher. He can kiss me any time he likes, though that might be a bit tricky when there's 10,000 miles between us.

Pic: Philip Thiel


Grannymar said...

Now whatever about hugging people when I meet them, I am not sure about going around asking for a kiss. The men in white coats would soon come and remove me! :(

Nick said...

Grannymar - When you think about it, it's pretty innocent compared with asking for money or swearing at motorists, but many people would recoil at the idea of kissing.

kylie said...

i guess i could go to melbourne and kiss him by proxy for you

Nick said...

Kylie - Yep okay. A nice big passionate, lingering kiss. Oh but does he accept kisses by proxy?

Scarlet Blue said...

Are tongues involved?

Rummuser said...

Ditto, your last paragraph with due adjustment to the distance!

Nick said...

Scarlet - Tongues are mentioned occasionally. "His tongue was papery","His girlfriend had said no tongue", "Disarmed by his technique of lifting my lip with his tongue". I like a good mingling of tongues myself.

Ramana - Goodness, are you saying you want to kiss him as well? Well, you'll have to wait, I'm first in the queue....

Kate said...

How nice!!! I like people who touch - hug, kiss, just touch whilst in conversation ..... I think it shows a caring person!

Baino said...

Nah a hug I'd go for but a kiss is special. Not homophobic but not really into kissing gay men. 365 ways with lemons! Good Grief the mind boggles.

Nick said...

Kate - Me too, I enjoy physical contact. You're probably right about it showing a caring person. It's said to be very good for your health as well!

Baino - Oh well, whatever turns you on (or off!). I've no idea how he kept up the lemon thread - the mind boggles indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, you do find some funny stories Nick! I dunno about a daily kiss...i guess I'm rather jealous...I'd be happy with a monthly kiss!!!

secret agent woman said...

Interesting and intriguing. I don't normally kiss strangers, but it would be fun to be in on the project. But how awful if he said my tongue was papery? (Not that anyone has ever mentioned that to me.)

Los Angelista said...

I would say no. Yes to a hug, no to a kiss. I'm too germ-phobic for this dude... plus if that's him in the photo, he's rather unattractive to me.

Actually, even if he was a bit hotter, I'd still say no. I just can't handle the germs.

Wisewebwoman said...

My first reaction was 'big deal'. It's an odd thing with me. A lot of my friends, both male and female, upon greeting, kiss me on the lips as they hug me.
I kiss them back of course.
No tongues. Blech.
Tonguing a friend or stranger would have no appeal for me.
I'm even laughing at the thought.
Far too intimate for casual.

Anonymous said...

hehe the things we do to stay interested in life - I love it!

Nick said...

Cinnamon - Oh, that's a little sad that you're not getting a daily kiss. Here's a cyberkiss anyway {{{big kiss}}}

Secret Agent - Yes, papery is a bit off-putting isn't it? I hope my tongue is more "soft and silky"!

Liz - Hmmm, hadn't thought about the germs. I guess I'm so healthy I'm not worried by a few strange bugs!

www - Is tongue-kissing more intimate? I'm not really sure. I haven't tongue-kissed enough strangers to have a firm opinion!

Conor - It's a very original project, for sure. I like his style.

Leah said...

I'm totally into this, and I'd say yes in a heartbeat, tongue included.

But I want to be the one to kiss someone new every day for a year! Boys and girls.

I also like the fact that you like this.

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for the awesome post!

Nick said...

Leah - It's just such a fun idea, isn't it? Mind you, in Belfast we tend to kiss each other a lot anyway, it's pretty routine when we meet up or say goodbye. A cyberkiss for you too {{{nice big kiss}}}

kylie said...

hey nick!
when i asked about the proxy thing i got your location wrong, sorry.
would a kiss compensate?

Nick said...

Kylie - Oh absolutely. Provided it's a warm, tender, loving kiss and not just a perfunctory peck.

tattytiara said...

Actually he wouldn't have gotten one off of me. For me the thought of a kiss without an emotional impetus is like the thought of using someone else's toothbrush. That's one of the main reasons pretty much all the acting work I've ever taken has been comedic, and yes I've turned down plays where I'd have to kiss someone.

I'm not suggesting it's rational or anything, just my little quirk!

Nick said...

Tattytiara - Wow, that's a very fastidious approach! I see what you mean though about needing an emotional impetus. Random kissing just doesn't make any sense to you.